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Glen Feulner is the author of 5 Books, Tangible Things, Worlds Without End, Storybook Endings, We Haven't Paid The Tab & Roadside Confessions.  All books are available in paperback and on Kindle. Check out the Gallery below for more details on each book.

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Roadside Confessions
Coming August 23!!! Kindle Pre-order Now Available!

How do you move past trauma? How do you accept heart wrenching loss? "Roadside Confessions" follows the journey of a man whose world shatters when he loses his wife to cancer. Struggling to navigate life without her, caught in the relentless grip of grief and unable to move forward, he packs his bags and leaves his life behind. Traveling from coast to coast, he embarks on a soul-searching odyssey through the remnants of their shared past. Along the way he confronts buried emotions and grapples with the elusive concepts of closure and forgiveness. Can he ever forgive himself for his sins, both real and imagined? With lyrical prose and raw emotions, "Roadside Confessions" uses snapshots of their lives together to explore the timeless themes of love, loss, and the desperate search for peace..

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We Haven't Paid The Tab

By Glen Feulner & B.R. Kovich

We Haven't Paid The Tab is the First Collection of both separate and collaborative poems between Glen Feulner & B.R. Kovich. "If poetry is words strung together in unexpected ways, this rich collection is the perfect example. Using creative language, Feulner and Kovich have found a way to pique all the senses. There are lines here that will stay with you long after having entered your mind- as though they reach your very soul. Both thought-provoking and yet somehow still fun, this collaboration manages to drive home the point: “Words are the reason that we live.” - Kathleen Dumont, English Literature B.A.


Storybbok Endings

"Captivating, complex, impressive and resolute, Storybook Endings Bend[s] the bright lights of tomorrow" into one of the most interesting gatherings of material published in the last decade. Ending explores new ideas with characteristic brilliance and attention to detail. While his writing varies in forms from prose to free verse poetry and everything in between, Feulner is a truth teller, "Look[ing] inside the outside", he makes his way through the varied forms, and in doing so, seeks to move through the self, the story and the truth in ways that are never short of instantly fascinating and immediately compelling. There aren't many writers whose language so precisely resonates with the pervasive concerns of the contemporary human condition. Feulner is a powerful writer whose daring and ambitious "Storybook Endings" aims at the heart of extant America and hits their bulls' eye every time.”
-Michelle Greenblatt, Author of "Brain:storm" and "Ashes & Seeds."

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Worlds Without End

By Glen Feulner & Shawn Dubin

Nameless and abused, an orphan spends her  childhood in the shadows, locked away and tortured for talents she never asked for. But on her 18th birthday, fueled by desperation and fear, her powers explode and she breaks free, opening mystical doors into realms where her abilities could forge a new destiny.

Yet even as she tries to find solace in unfamiliar worlds,  tragedy strikes. Evil, ancient forces  are tracing her every step, ripping each new world into a wasteland in their mission to absorb her powers.

Caught in an endless cycle of annihilation, she must confront the haunting truth: her powers are not a gift but a harbinger of cataclysm. How much death and destruction will she be able to endure?

Tangible Things


The debut collection by Glen Feulner

A collection of poetry and short stories that explores the rarely glimpsed side of life, love and the world around us. In Tangible Things Glen Feulner presents the beauty, sadness and trauma of memory, Love and dreaming lurking within the dark side of the human soul.

Copyright © 2024 by Glen Feulner. All rights reserved.

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